Love Me Beauty

After the change in the way this subscription box works, I was hesitant to get one. I love the fact that you can choose your own items whereas in Glossybox you can’t. But they haven’t really had anything on offer that I liked. I kept looking every couple of weeks to see any additions and I finally ordered a box! It contains a variety of products, these in total were worth 90 credits, I had the normal 60 credits and 30 add on credits.

InvisibleΒ Dry Shampoo 20 credits

Instant Volumising Spray 20 credits

Linefix Gel Liner 20 credits

Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm 20 credits

Huile Prodigieuse Gold 10 credits

These are the items I chose and it is so nice to have a variety and good options to choose from, and brands I haven’t heard of or tried yet!Β 


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