Bee Beautiful

I actually have no idea how I came across this website but it is absolutely amazing, and I am so glad I found it. This is a very new company but has so much to offer.

For those of you that know about Lush, this is similar, but is currently only focused on bath products. They offer a range of items from bath bombs, to bath melts, smoothies, scrubs and shampoos. They also offer DIY kits, which I would love to try one day, as well as candle making and even wax. They use all natural ingredients where possible which is a bonus and something that many companies should strive to do. 

I was scrolling through their amazing selection of products and if you are unsure of a scent or product, you can opt for a smaller size, even bath bombs can come in samples and you get the choice of flower heart or star shaped bombs, these can be used before you buy a large bomb to test the smell etc. They offer different types of bundles of bombs too, some ‘for him’, ‘fizzy bath bombs’ ‘no petals’ ‘petals’ ‘pyramid’ ‘rainbow’ etc.

These are great for little gifts for Christmas and Birthdays for anyone you know that loves a relaxing bath. They are also an amazing price, I manages to get so much for my money, the only downside to me is the payment process, this is done through PayPal, which I cannot stand. The p+p is very reasonable as well. They all come individually wrapped then the packs of 10 bath bombs, are wrapped in packs of 5 so you receive two of these, and then they are put into a bubble wrap bag then into a box, so minimise damage during delivery. You get a little leaflet telling you the selection of bath bombs, including ingredients and scents. 

I bought ‘Jaffalicious‘ ‘After Eightish‘ ‘Fruit Salad‘ ‘Blue Lagoon‘ ‘Sweet Treats‘ ‘Parma Delights‘ ‘Ruby Red‘ ‘Dessert Delights‘. They all smell and sound delicious. These are all mini bath bombs. You can buy these in packs of 10 at £2.25, packs of 30 at £4.75, packs of 50 at £7.99 or packs of 100 at £14.99!

I also bought a ‘Flower Power Smoothie‘ 30g ball for £1.99, which I actually didn’t receive. ‘Sweet Cake bath melt- Pink Candy‘ for £1.99, ‘Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar‘ in 12g as a pack of ten for £2.75, ‘Star of the Sea bath melt- Seaweed and Juniper‘  for £1.99. 

The bath melts are supposed to be placed in the bath once hair has been washed. 

You will be seeing lots of individual reviews on the different products I have bought over the next couple of months! I am so excited to share these with you and try them all out. 


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