Nail Patterns

The Best of Beauty

These are some of my favourite patterns that I have done.. 

1. Plain bold red. Technic.11042619_10202552169764227_863690088_n

2. pink Technic. with black bows.11042278_10202552169804228_1872039750_n

3. microbeads ocean blue. Asda.11047117_10202552169724226_996483159_n

4. black and white/monochrome pieces. Technic.10815981_10202298907312824_33515590_n

5. plain red Technic, with Barry M black white and silver nail pens.10913530_10202241464356786_1571273159_n

6. plain white with pastel green pink and purple Technic and green leaves with Barry M black nail pen.tumblr_nkljy62Jmk1t41qpfo1_400

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