After Eightish Bath Bomb

I ordered a pack of 30 of these because I love anything peppermint, and I knew my mum would love these too so I am going to give her some to try. This was only £4.75 which isn’t bad at all! You can use more than one per bath but the scent is quite strong and really hit me when I added just two of these. This contains sweet almond oil, honey moisturiser, and has little petals which is a nice touch.

I have noticed from the bath bombs that I have tried so far from Bee Beautiful, do not add much colour to the bath like Lush bath bombs do, maybe this is because they are fairly small and if I were to use a larger one it may do, but if you are looking for a product that will make your bath a pretty colour and create rainbows, try a larger bomb instead. But for me, this isn’t a priority so it doesn’t bother me much, but I love the natural ingredients in these.

The smell really lingers and every now and again you get a nice waft of peppermint!


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