Helix #2

When I had my tongue pierced I also had my helix pierced again just underneath my previous one, which makes it a double helix. I knew what to expect in terms of pain and the cleaning process etc. 

I chose the placement and when I was happy she pierced my ear, this time unlike my previous experience I had no blood at all but I did have a little bit of swelling. Like my first helix piercing, the jewellery is the same, a labret bar, which has one flat end and the other is a screw on, to add a ball or other attachment. They are easy to clean around but can get a little bit fiddly. I used to catch them a lot with my hair and it used to irritate the area but would soon calm down again. This one healed a lot quicker than my first I think it was due to experience and the fact that I now had mastered the art of sleeping on my left side, whereas before sleeping on my right side would irritate and move the piercing when it was freshly done. This one is just lower on my ear and is again through cartilage, this one has a slightly smaller ball on due to comfort. I am planning to get a triple helix, so another one just underneath with a slightly smaller ball than this one. They look pretty and there is plenty of jewellery available for helix piercings including cuffs. 


This picture is me, and shows my double helix and anti-helix.


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