Christmas Ideas For Him

Now I always have some idea what my boyfriend, dad or brother would like for Christmas. Board games, CD’s DVD’s and anything I remember he has mentioned that he wanted throughout the year are always a great buy for Jack.

My dad is a bit harder to buy for but he loves his movies and CD’s too, I usually always buy him a skin care set because I don’t know what else he wants but clothes is always good too. 

My younger brother is 12 and loves his x-box, mine craft and all things I didn’t have when I was his age. He wasn’t so bothered this year what he wanted and I struggled because he doesn’t really LOVE anything else so I was stuck, so clothes are a great buy and something x-box or mine craft related will always go down well. 

If you are stuck what to buy, and know he is into his gadgets and tech then why not look online for something related to that. 

If he is a jokey funny type of person with a good sense of humour then maybe consider a jokey gift there are so many websites for this type of thing. 

If they have a great love for something then maybe look for something related to that which they don’t already own. 

Gift vouchers, skin care sets or alcohol will go down well but again this is more of a last resort. 

Listen to all of those hints they leave and if they aren’t one to hint like my dad and you literally have to guess and risk buying something then opt for something a little safer. 


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