Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Any female would appreciate any thought behind a present for Christmas, whether it costs tonnes or not.

I know I would love any bath products, not the traditional shampoo but maybe some bath bombs or a new body mist spray! Some good places to look is Lush, Asda also offer some amazing gift sets from Dove and N-Spa, Superdrug always have little gift sets available and so do Boots. 

If they are not into bath products but make up, Lush also offer good quality make up but it is a little expensive, Asda also offer some good value make up products from W7, Real Techniques and if its a younger girl you are buying for why not go for products by Hard Candy or Make Me Up. Superdrug and Boots are always great with make-up and always have offers on most brands so venture through and pick something you think she might like or you would like to see her wear, maybe a new bold lipstick? or a new eye shadow palette she has told you about a billion times.

If they are not into the above, maybe DVD’s or CD’s she likes, or make your own CD for her! A good movie or CD can mean a lot if its the right one. 

Chocolates, wine, cushions, candles are all options, but more of a last resort, I don’t know what to buy kind of thing. I know I would love to receive candles, why not look at Yankee Candles or Flamingo Candles. 

If you know her size then why not opt for a lovely dress or a nice pair of shoes? You can always return it or swap it if she doesn’t love it. Fluffy socks and slippers are always lovely to get, I use mine all year round and you can never have too many cosy socks!


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