Essence Nail Polish

After finishing my beloved base and top coat from Primark, I decided to venture into another favourite brand of mine to purchase a base and top coat to compare. 

The Essence Sealing Top Coat was £2 and the Essence Protecting Base Coat was also £2. This is still very cheap and easy to get hold of. They also offer a range of other types of nail polishes that are for brittle nails or to harden them or help them grow etc. After my first couple of uses with both of these I found that my nails looked healthier and didn’t break as easily, it is so easy to apply and dries very quickly. The top coat really protects the nail polish and your nails too, and so my nail polish lasted much longer than before, less chipping and general peeling etc. 

These are by far my favourite nail products and I will definitely be investing in more of these after, I would definitely recommend these, they are so much better than the ones I previously used. 12325226_10203825027904885_1073711775_n



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