What I Got For Christmas

I am a huge Disney/Minnie Mouse fan and so my parents got me some mickey and minnie pjs and a minnie mouse onesie! I got some cute make up cases with minnie on too. Lots of socks because Jack is always stealing mine, I got a super cute Minnie Mouse bag from Primark which I desperately wanted and smellies. Some computer accessories, a new mug,

I got some Lottie Make Up Brushes and slippers from friends. My younger brother got me an owl purse, because I love owls. He also got me a little Minnie Mouse keyring and a super cute owl candle.

Jack got me a super cute playsuit with some lace, a Morphe make up palette, a new CD, Little Miss Bossy socks, fluffy socks, nail varnish and some colouring books.

Friends and Jacks family got me some new look gift cards, colouring books, owl tea light holders, pretty tea lights an owl diary, bath set, Champneys nail varnish set, biscuit collection and a super cute owl teddy.

I will be posting about some of these soon! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed Christmas.


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