Birthday Wishes

So today, the 11th January, is my birthday and I hit the ripe old age of 20! No longer a teenager and yet I feel no different, there isn’t really much to ‘celebrate’ as you get older. I am just grateful I had a long weekend with my closest friends and of course Jack! I had lovely wishes and cards from people and it makes me realise how much I appreciate the ones I have in my life. 

On the Saturday night we went into town and had a gorgeous meal at Ed’s Diner, which I love! I had a vanilla milkshake-the proper ones, a very big burger called ‘Smoky Joe’s’ and I had gorgeous Brownies with Ice Cream for dessert and stole some of Jack’s Maple Syrup and Ice cream Waffles too!

I also got some lovely gifts too! First off Jack bought me the Sims 4 which I can say I have already spent hours on it, with a couple of really good expansion packs! I was given a gorgeous bath set from Jacks parents which I can’t wait to use. My housemate and good friend Callum bought me a super cute penguin plush and £30 in my Steam account (for playing games for those of you that don’t know). Scarlett bought me a lovely Lush gift set none of which I have tried so I am excited to use those as well! My parents bought me Adele’s CD 25, and they have got me a larger present for when I go back home soon. 

We had some balloons around and I had a lovely birthday cake with no singing, for which I am soooo grateful! The four of us sat and watched the most goofy funny movie ever- Turbo Kid and I actually really enjoyed the silliness of it all.




10 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Happy birthday! It sounds as though you’ve had a wonderful day, all your presents look amazing and the cake is so cute! Happy 20th birthday! -Tash xx


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