Last Year

So I am not going to bore you with a New Year, New Me thing, because lets be honest very few people actually ‘change’ and sometimes it isn’t for the better. I am just going to go through a few things that I accomplished last year

  1. Passing my first year of university with a 1st! I also got to choose my own modules for year two, which have been very interesting to say the least. I love the course I am doing at uni. 
  2. My first bloggers event, now this may not seem like a major thing to someone else, but to me, it meant a lot in terms of where my blog is going and the amazing opportunities I have available to me in the beauty world. 
  3. Finding a new house, after my first year in halls, I couldn’t wait to get my own place and be in a better environment with a more relaxed atmosphere with less noise. Signing a contract, and paying rent is very real now but I love the house I am in and my room is lovely, expensive but lovely. 
  4.  My bedroom at home is now well on its way to being decorated, I had some lovely new wallpaper put up and next on the list is flooring, I have a new bed and desk I am just saving for a new wardrobe now. I like paying for these things myself it makes me feel good knowing I saved the money and spent it wisely and that my parents didn’t have to buy it. 
  5. Reaching just under 300 followers on my blog! This is amazing and like in number 2, is great in terms of where I want my blog to go. 
  6. One of my personal things last year was that I wanted to spend more time with family, as I am away from home a lot at uni for 9/10 months, and after losing my Grandad the year before, I realised how important it is to see each other often and appreciate everything you have and not leave it so it is too late and they are gone and you have few memories or photos with them. 
  7. Another personal thing for me, is battling severe anxiety. This is something I deal with on a daily basis along with some other issues. But I got to the point where I didn’t want to leave my bedroom, let alone the house. I am doing better now and having the right treatments but it is still very hard to deal with from day to day life and I do struggle. 
  8. Looking after myself, with certain issues it is hard to have a routine and make it to university everyday, even now a module I started in September last year and still have, I don’t know my lecture because I have never been in. I have been trying to look after myself more, eating healthier and going out more (which is very difficult with anxiety).

Hopefully this year I will continue to get through the harder times and appreciate the good ones too, to live in the moment a little more and enjoy life. I aim to improve my skincare/haircare and buy less nail polish 😉 As well as concentrate more on university and make my life more about me and do what I want and not for other people. 

I hope you all had a wonderful year and wish you the best for this year too!


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