Etre Belle

So this product from Etre Belle, ‘Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel’ actually arrived in my summer Glossybox but seemed to have been hidden in amongst the bigger items in my draw. After moving and settling in I discovered it and thought I would finally give it a go. This is a full sized product apparently, but at 40ml the size is perfect for travel. This size costs a whopping £15.93. A little over priced for a small item in my opinion. 

Glossybox says; ‘Prepping your skin for the summer has never been easier. For an instant rescue when skin needs a little TLC, this cooling gel hydrated by delivering moisture deep below the surface, in return reviving your complexion. What’s more, aloe vera makes for the perfect post-sun soother. For a healthy glow, apply a sufficient amount to your face and neck in upwards motions to hydrate and soothe the skin’. 

The item itself says; ‘Especially soothing moistuizing gel free of fat tightening and reviving the skin. The skin elasticity will be improved considerably. Apply this gel in the morning and evening, in the case of dry skin every day as a base for the normal care’.

I have used this most evenings and nearly every morning for a while now, I don’t use much product at each time as a little goes a long way. However, because this was a gel and not a cream I was a little apprehensive. It does feel a little sticky after application on the face and fingers but with a couple of minutes the skin absorbs it well and the stickiness goes away. It does cool the skin down and feels fresh and clean once applied. My skin has been a little drier than usual lately so I have been using this before I apply make-up each day and it has done wonders with creating a barrier as well as making my make up stick better and therefore lasting longer. I don’t think I would buy this due to the price but it is a good product, if you don’t like the stickiness of gels then this isn’t for you. 



3 thoughts on “Etre Belle

  1. I haven’t tried this yet but anything with Aloe Vera always interests me. Does seem a bit pricey though?!
    Really enjoy reading your blog Becca-Louise, your posts are fab! I’m newish to the blogging world but was recently challenged by a fellow blogger to do a 3 day quote challenge and I had to nominate some of my favourite bloggers too. So I’ve nominated you!! 🙂 You can have a look here if you like…


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