Collection- Nail Polish

I recently picked up two new polishes that I didn’t have in my collection. These were just £2 ish each and I thought they were too pretty to leave on the shelf in ASDA. 

I love this colour, it is so bold and striking, not something I usually wear but I have recently been obsessed with coppers and golds so this is just perfect. This is called ‘Scorched Copper’

The second one is called ‘Fairy Dust’ and I was a little disappointed with this one, I expected a pale blue, snow scene kind of thing but it was pretty clear, just adding some glitter and shine to the nails, and would make a good top coat for snow designs.

Overall, great buy, I love Collection Work the Colour, because they are so cheap and good quality and come in so many shades. I would definitely check them out if you are as obsessed with nails as I am!


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