Valentines Hairstyle

Valentines is a time to celebrate with the one you love, your partner, your soulmate. Now, I must confess myself and Jack do not celebrate Valentines -Gasp… I know. Because we find it over commercialised and we celebrate each other and what we have on our anniversary which is in April anyway. Jack doesn’t see why this day is necessary, you should show you love your partner all year round and surprise them then not on a day dedicated to ‘love’. 

But here is a very pretty hairstyle which is great for Valentines, or any occasion really. I love plaits and I think they are so cute and girly, and you can do so much with them. Since the release of Frozen and Elsa’s trend with the one sided plait I thought I would give it a go. My hair is fairly long but very layered so bits were sticking out. I just brushed all of my hair to one side and divided it into three sections and started to plait my hair running my fingers through any messy bits as I go along, right to the end and tied it off with a clear elastic, you can also use hair bands, I find elastics stay in my hair longer and keep my hair together better. My ‘fringe’ and other stragglers were combed through and I curled them slightly with my straighteners to frame my face. 

This is such a pretty look and its perfect for a date on Valentines if your hair is long enough!


2 thoughts on “Valentines Hairstyle

  1. Even i found this hairstyle super easy and its my fav… easy to handle and looks superb too… n u luk beautiful in this hairdo


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