Ombre Nails


I absolutely love having my nails done, and putting the time and effort into making them pretty. This ombre look is so easy to to but very messy and takes some time. 

I used; Technic’s Bora Bora Beach, Technic’s Pretty Pastels in Purple (there is actually no name for this) and Bubblegum. Essence base and top coat, no mess nail varnish, and a make up sponge. 


First, I applied a base coat as normal.

I then applied my ‘no mess’ nail varnish, which goes around the nail and you can peel it off to take away the excess nail varnish.

Once dry, I picked three colours a light, medium and dark. I then applied the lightest colour (Bubblegum) over the whole nail.

Then using the make up sponge, and the three nail colours, painting the sponge in three lines so they touch and then dabbing on the nails and repeat it needed. The original light coloured base makes this so much easier as sometimes the lighter colour doesn’t show too well. You can use white as a base too to really make the colours pop!


I then applied a top coat and peeled off my no mess solution. and tidied up around my nails with a small thin brush and some nail polish remover. 

Here is my finished look, what do you think? Have you tried this technique?


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