New Bag

I am so awful with bags, I hate shopping for them and I don’t think about the long term quality of the material or the way it was put together and how much it can hold etc. I usually pick a bag based on looks which alone, is pretty bad. Because of this I constantly buy new ones to replace the broken ones, and then it happens again months later. I cannot wear backpacks to save my life, I just can’t.

I have been looking for a larger bag, to use for the weekends for visiting home or sleepovers etc. I came across this very large colourful bag in Primark, now I know the quality won’t be amazing but I wont be carrying it constantly as a day to day bag. It costs just £14 and they had some similar ones too, I am trying to steer away from buying just black items, so this has white and beige in it too!

I also picked up this normal day to day bag, again steering away from just black/grey items I chose a beige/stone/tan colour, it also has rose gold coloured attachments which is a nice touch. Great for all year round and brightening up a dull outfit, as well as Autumn, with the brown tones. This one was £10 and it has a lot of room in too, for my large purse, pencil case, notebook, deodorant, glasses, drink and plenty more room too. It has little compartments which I usually just stuff my keys into, which can be very handy. I love this bag, and I don’t say that very often, it is a lovely colour, size and can hold all of my essentials. You have the option to use the shoulder strap or just un-clip it and use the handles.



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