Facial Brush

I have been on the hunt for a while for a decent soft facial brush that’s not too harsh on sensitive skin. I eventually settled for Superdrug’s one for just £3.99, they also offer a ‘facial massager’ with little prongs to massage and tone while cleansing. The bristles are soft and aren’t harsh at all, it has a wooden handle and is a good size for travelling which is a bonus. 

I ran the bristles under some warm water and then added some of my beloved Naobay Cleanser to them and rubbed in circular motions. It feels lovely and therapeutic on the face, my face felt soft, moisturised and most importantly clean and fresh. I have been suffering with nasty blackheads lately so am trying to find a good solution to combating the dirt and oils on my face by doing this every/most evenings. 



Unfortunately after using this for a couple of months with taking great care after use, I have had to throw this away due to being wooden, the colour has gone off and looked green, and I didn’t want anything nasty on the bristles to transfer to my face! So I am back on the hunt for a good facial brush which will last! any recommendations? 


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