Soap and Glory- Smoothie Star

When I came across this in Boots a while back on offer for £20 I knew instantly it was a bargain and I wanted to get my hands on this. I bought it and I immediately fell in love with it after my first use, I chucked the ‘Hand Food’ moisturiser in my bag for on-the-go. It is such a lovely formula and a little goes a long way too, making the hands and arms very smooth and soft, my boyfriend often steals some of this. 


I then tried the ‘Breakfast Scrub’ which is a lovely size 300ml tub with an amazing maple scent, the oats and sugar naturally clean the skin, getting rid of any dead skin and allowing the next layer of skin the breathe and becomes super soft! 

Next comes the ‘Body Wash’ which is also a great size 500ml bottle with a pump so it is easier to use in the bathroom. You don’t need to use too much product on damp skin or sponge, rub it in and rinse, and tah dah! On top of the scrub the skin feels so good, but you don’t need to scrub/ex-foliate every time you bathe, once a week, depending on skin type. I tend to shave after this as it acts as a layer protecting the skin and the razor feels like it takes off so much more and doesn’t just drag on the skin. 

Then once out of the bath on slightly towel tried skin, apply a bit of the ‘Body Buttercream’ with a lovely Pistachio, almond and vanilla fragrance! Also in a 300ml tub, you get so much for your money and it smells divine and my legs become sooo soft and it lasts until my next bath which is great. 

The body spray is a lovely touch to this collection and the cute retro-style bottle with a pump is amazing. The fragrance lasts all day and the 100ml bottle is the perfect size to carry in a bag on-the-go too. 

The last product; the eye mask is very creative, the gel mask can be cooled in the fridge and then slipped into the fabric mask for comfort, I feel like it puts a little too much pressure on to my eyes but it is so relaxing and my eyes definitely feel better afterwards. 

I am super happy with this purchase, I used it twice then instantly knew that I would get a set for my mum for mothers day, not because I didn’t want her to steal mine but because I thought the quality of the products are amazing and by the time I got around to buy her set it was £18! And my mum is very happy with it too, so I am glad we don’t have to share- love you mum. I also love the tray that comes with it, to keep all of my essentials on. 

Do you use any Soap and Glory products?



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