Hello there my lovelies, 

I will be running a giveaway very shortly and I was wondering what types of things you would like to win!

A spring/summer theme? A new eye shadow palette? Make up Revolutions new Fortune favours the brave? A new Bourjois edition soufflé velvet lipstick? NYX lingerie lipstick? Lush cosmetics? Soap and Glory set? 

any sort of theme or ideas would be lovely as to what you would like, and don’t worry about price, all brands are welcome too 

The giveaway will be run internationally but first I have to decide what you can win…


18 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. What an exciting announcement!! The Fortune favours the brave is a gorgeous palette, it will be great if you could giveaway 🙂 But if you can’t, a makeup giveaway is always great *-* x


  2. Thats so exciting! I love the look of the NYX butter glosses- everyone is raving about them! Makeup revolution things are also amazing! xx


        1. I know. they need to start doing a thing where if you spend over a certain amount it builds as a reward for money off or something! I just thought people might be sick of lush aha


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