Hair Colour Remover

Hello Lovelies,

In this post I am going to tell you how much this product works and how my experience going from three hair colours to my natural hair colour went! 

In the second week of January I dyed my hair a red/purple, and my hair decided to grow super quick and my blonde roots came through within 4/5 days! I was not happy at all, I started to go off of the colour but it just wasn’t going anywhere. I tried using hair masks and home remedies and washing hair with head and shoulders shampoo, my hairdresser recommended to go over it in a brown to try and match my roots to the red but it went a gingery colour, my hair was now three different colours and I hated it. 

I came across this Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover, it does state that you can repeat this process 3 times and more than shoulder length hair will need at least two boxes per process. It does not contain bleach or harm the hair as much as bleach would. I was not going to pay £60 to get my hair back blonde, at £9.97 per box from my local ASDA, and no other option I decided to just go for it.. Once reading the instructions it says it may not work with hair colour that has been in for a while but doesn’t define how long ‘a while’ is. As said mine had been in for 12 weeks! 

With one box, and very long thick hair I was pretty worried I wouldn’t have enough product, but I did, and covered all of my hair evenly, wrapped my head in cling film which is not easy and waited for 75 minutes to go by… It says 60 but I thought an extra 15 would be fine, then I went to rinse it all out and I could see little colour coming out-eeek, but once rinsed I could see the blonde and added the buffer and rinsed again, my hair felt quite dry so I quickly conditioned it for silky smooth hair! 

Once dry, I was ecstatic that one box did the job! It does look a little yellow/blonde gone wrong but it’s not too bad, and with this you can dye it again straight away. I was going to dye it back to as near as my original colour but I didn’t think it was worth the hassle or money. 

A couple of washes later, there is still hints of red peeking through. It looks strawberry blonde, or with slight red highlights which will hopefully wash out soon enough! 

Before the remover

After the remover 

You can see a huge difference in colour, as said it does look ‘yellow’ in person but hopefully as I keep washing it, it will go back to my natural colour! the pictures (two above, one below) doesn’t show the yellow very well, but this is pretty much my natural colour in the picture below, but now looks like I have slight red highlights.

Have you had any hair dye disasters? Tell me about them!…



2 thoughts on “Hair Colour Remover

    1. Ohh thank you, its just a bit strawberry blonde now rather than blonde! It is amazing, I thought for the price and the amount of product to cover my long thick hair, its definitely my go-to if I need it again.

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