Honeybee Bath Bomb -Lush

When I went into Lush with Jack recently when I picked up the Avobath bath bomb, Kevin (Lush Canterbury’s bath bomb wizard) also showed me Honey Bee bath bomb, it looks so pretty and is a lovely bright yellow, perfect for spring and summer. It has an aloe vera gel and orange oil. The honey is an antiseptic which is great and the Rhassoul mud cleanses and softens the skin.

This was so nourishing in the bath and made my skin feel soo good! I put it in the bath with my Ladybird bubble bar, and the colour went from yellow to a dark orange/ pink-red. The aroma was lovely, a sweet bubblegum type smell with a twist of mint from the Ladybird, and sweet honey and citrus notes from the Honeybee bath bomb. A great combination, I must say.


This is ยฃ3.50 and is a decent sized bath bomb, which is one of my favourites along with Frozen.

Feel on Skin; 6/10 -soothing, uplifting and moisturising!

Smell; 6/10 -slightly citrus which isn’t my favourite, not strong though, so if you don’t want anything overpowering this is great for a more subtle aromaย 

Colour; 2/10 -it’s yellow, the bath bomb itself looks amazing, but the colours cannot be helped, it does look like a bath of pee which isn’t attractive to look at.ย 

Still a lovely option and definitely focuses more on soothing the skin than colour/smell. If you want something that soothe and cleanse your skin with the mixture of Rhassoul mud, aloe vera gel and honey, also moisturising the skin and softening too.

Have you tried this one yet? What are your thoughts?



5 thoughts on “Honeybee Bath Bomb -Lush

  1. I bought this bath bomb over the weekend and I’m desperate to use it! I love citrus scents so I’m sure I’ll like it ๐Ÿ™‚ A yellow bath doesn’t look very appealing though, like you said! But it can’t be helped. Perhaps I could mix it with a bubble bar too ๐Ÿ™‚ Xx


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