My Empties

I very rarely do empties posts because, I never ever finish most of the things I buy. I know, it’s awful. I either let them go past their ‘use buy’ date or things disappear in my many drawers of make-up and nail polish. 

However, when I do finish a product it means I really love it, I always go back to it or I just cannot try other alternatives because I am just so happy with what I have. 

I have recently finished; 

Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover which is around £2 ish from my local ASDA.I really like this product and I always come back to this brand, I never usually finish one properly, most of it usually spills over the table or me rather than on my nails but I made it through this one, without losing it or spilling it everywhere. Unfortunately there was none of this when I went back to get more, so I picked up Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover which was also £2. 

Simple Micellar Water, I also love this and the Garnier version. They both work so well on my combination/sensitive skin and do the job of removing make up. I usually use these for when I have less make up on, mascara, blush, concealer and have my eye brows filled. But if I have a full face of make up on, I usually try and cleanse at the sink. Sometimes I do resort to just using micellar water, I admit I am a tad lazy but its better than make up wipes though, right? I also love using this to rectify any mishaps with my make up, to smooth those lip pencil lines or eye liner! I pour mine into a pump bottle so it is easier to apply and less fuss with it going everywhere but the cotton pad. 

Essence base and top coat, I love these so much, they are so affordable and do a good job of keeping my nail polish in place for a long lasting finish. At a couple of pounds each you cannot go wrong. I just hate when you get to the last bit that you can never reach with the brush! its not just me that this bothers, right? Again, I couldn’t find the exact ones I wanted to repurchase but I bought Essence the gel nail polish top and base coat, for only £2 ish each, which I am yet to try, so there will be a review going up soon of that! 

Wella Silvikrin classic Hairspray maximum hold, I don’t tend to do my hair up often to need hairspray, only really when I curl it, which isn’t regularly at all. So I went to grab my trusty travel size hairspray to find it was nearly empty, I guess over time with evaporation like deodorant and similar items it slowly disappears! So I bought another one to replace it at £1.49 from Superdrug. 



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