Adopting- the process

When I decided I wanted bunnies, I just had to find somewhere to get the rabbits right?, not exactly.

I chose to look on-line for some rabbits and searched many websites and adoption sites as well as the local pet shops (which we don’t have many of). I settled to adopt rather than buy a new bunny as there are so many rabbits out there looking for their forever homes. I did tonnes of reading about rabbits, like at least three/four weeks of learning and deciding whether I was ready to commit.

I also must state I have owned rabbits before (with my parents) we had a gorgeous black and white Dutch rabbit we called Molly, a lovely beige coloured French Lop called Mopsy (male), and a very large Chinchilla coloured rabbit, I am unsure of the breed but she was at least 6kg, we were told she was a he but we found out the hard way. My dad made this huge pen in the garden and they loved running round and munching on the grass. They ended up having lots of bunnies, around 30 all at once, and they were gorgeous and cute, many were sold on and the last few started getting older to a point where they could breed further so they were put into a place which looks after rabbits.

I came across a place called The Rabbit Residence, which is around 40minutes drive from where I live. So I got in contact with them and arranged a visit and read all of their requirements to meet to give them the best care possible. I read through their information on-line about all of the rabbits they had, and I had an instant interest in a pair and decided to go and visit. I looked around for ages feeding the rabbits and making friends with some, and I fell in love with the pair I had found on their page. I arranged a delivery date in which they bring them to your house and look at the space they will be living in, and they were amazing. Amy was so helpful and understanding of my circumstances with my mum being in hospital and rearranging delivery dates and giving advice and leaflets and pointers.

My story will continue with the delivery date and getting to know my new furry friends!

I hope you enjoyed this, I know it is a little different from the usual posts but I thought I would share it with you all.




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