Avobath Bath Bomb- Lush

I absolutely adore Lush products, they offer such a range of items from make-up, to face masks and solid shampoo! I went in with a limit in mind of how much I wanted to spend, Jack came with me and made sure I stayed within budget too- darn.

I spoke to a lovely guy who is always there, Kevin, in Canterbury’s Lush, he helped pick out some things I hadn’t tried yet. He picked up Avobath, a lovely green colour with a nice uplifting fragrance. I wasn’t keen on the colour but it doesn’t bother me although I do like a pretty coloured bath to get in to, and occasionally some glitter.

I absolutely loved it, I managed to get two uses out of it, by putting it in the bath and letting it shrink and taking it out and leaving it to dry to use again. This way the smell isn’t too overwhelming and more for your money. It felt amazing on the skin, so smooth and moisturising. I definitely love this one, I might try to make a little concoction with a Blue Skies bubble bar too next time. And I will definitely have to thank Kevin for this one.

For £3.50 you cannot go wrong at all. I definitely recommend this if you haven’t tried it yet.

Fragrance: I do not get on well with really strong fragrances, hens why I have to break mine down, but I liked this one, subtle and uplifting. 8/10

Feel on the Skin; Amazing, so moisturising and nourishing, great if you have dry skin. 9/10

Colour: I don’t usually buy based on colour, its a bonus for me but I actually really liked the green and it had no glitter which can be annoying sometimes. 7/10

Have you tried Avobath bath bomb yet? What did you think?


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