Real Techniques-Core and Sculpting Set


I was in Superdrug a while back and noticed an offer on the Real Techniques set’s and individuals for ‘buy one get one half price’ which was a bonus. I bought the core collection and the sculpting set for just £30 ish, which is amazing. I was so happy with my eye set by Real Techniques that I thought the money was worth spending on these brushes. They are so soft and apply make up so well while being gentle on the skin. 

The core collection includes;

-pointed foundation brush- for liquid foundation

-buffing brush-for using powder or mineral foundation

-contour brush- applying highlighter 

-detailer brush-for concealing small imperfections or as a lip brush

The sculpting set includes;

-fan brush-

-sculpting brush-

-setting brush-

I am so happy with all of my Real Techniques brushes, they are definitely worth investing in. They are so soft on the skin and blend in so well, they are my go to brushes along with my Lottie London brushes, you can never have too many brushes! Especially when you are a bit lazy with cleaning them. 


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