Colour Fix Foundation

This 8 colour foundation set is from Technic and is called ‘Colour Fix Cream Foundation Contour Palette’, which includes a little guide on the back too, which is super handy.

This is a great little palette and isn’t too chunky to carry about. This doesn’t come with applicators but I am not too bothered as they are usually quite cheap and I don’t use them anyway. But they offer lovely colours and they feel so moisturising and soft on the skin. I don’t like using too many creamy products on my face as I find that they tend to cake and crease, which isn’t so attractive. But if you like creamy products, this is a great basic palette with a guide and a range of colours, this would be perfect for a beginner!

This is so easy to use with a selection of shades for a base foundation or contouring and highlighting too. The creams are not heavy on the skin and blend well, I find using a sponge does this better than a brush as it looks more natural and not as heavy. 

I really like how light this feels on the skin, and the range of shades for different skin tones too. I would prefer it with a nice shimmery highlighter but other than that I have no issues with this products other than it looks a little cheap but for the price I am not too bothered. Technic offer a range of quality and affordable products on-line and are great for all types of make-up and beauty lovers. 


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