Essentials for Rabbits

Continuing from my last post ‘Adopting- the Process’ 

We had lots of bunny proofing going on in my bedroom, similarly to baby proofing, covering wires and plugs etc, and making sure to cover up small spaces and have nothing around that they are able to reach that you do not want them to gnaw on. 

I have a basic puppy play pen which is fairly large, I bought it online for around £23, with 16 panels, only 12 are in use at the moment, I have a ground sheet from a tent on their main area as I have carpet, this makes it easier to sweep up poop and clean pee up as well, it also prevents them trying to dig and eat the carpet, but occasionally they do this to the ground sheet.

I open up the pen when I am in my room or in the house keeping an eye on them in case they do cause any trouble which does happen!

They have access to lots of chews – grassy carrot, willow and birch balls, some mineral licks which they don’t really like, some other items such as a flower hanging basket and some other loofah decorations, this enables me to hide treats in them and they often enjoy pulling them down and throwing them around. They also have gnaws, meadow hay which is in a clayish mould/stone that they grind down their teeth while trying to get to the hay, as well as one with algae and croquettes, which can also be attached to the pen so they cannot throw them around.

Within the pen they have a small wooden hutch which is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. This is filled with bedding and lots of hay, lined with newspaper as well so any pee doesn’t go through the small grid at the bottom. They also have what is called a ‘Moult and Bolt Box’ its basically a wooden box, with three holes in the sides (two different sizes as I have different size bunnies) and when they hop through the holes into the box, it collects all loose fur and therefore is a moult box. These two are great escapes for the rabbits so when they feel intimidated they feel safe hiding away.

I read that you can litter train rabbits and that older rabbits were easier to train and thought I would attempt to keep it in a separate area to make cleaning easier. I bought a large corner litter pan, lined it with RABBIT litter and put a pile of hay on one side, this is great as they tend to pee/poo while eating. I invested in a separate hay box as they began to fight over the other litter pan, it is about 3-4 inches deep again lined with litter to absorb any pee, with hay on top. I also have a small hay rack which hangs on the pen quite high, this encourages them to stretch their legs and stand up to reach any food inside. Anywhere there is hay I often sprinkle some foraging food which encourages their natural behaviours of looking for food.

That is it for part 2, keep an eye out for my next post about moving the rabbits in!

Do you own house rabbits? Are they good companions for you?



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