Essence express dry drops

I recently came across this little bottle in my local Wilko for around £2, which in itself is a great price. I was unsure whether this would work, as there have been a lot of products that promise to dry the nails and they just don’t. It is called Essence nail art express dry drops…

As soon as I got home I put it to the test, I already had a base coat on and then added a coat or two of a new polish by Essence called 35 Rock My Soul, from the metals collection. I had this open nearby and with the ingenious invention of the little pippet style top you just add a drop or two on the recently applied nail polish, you have to be careful as this can get a tad messy. Add one drop and let it disperse on the nail, you will be able to see this, just look closely! If it hasn’t quite covered the nail add just one more drop near the uncovered area.

The skin around the nails becomes soft and looks oily, and is. Do not touch the nails unless you really have to- like me. I was just testing the product okay- haha. All in the name of beauty! It then becomes slightly tacky. Its like the nails have become encased in this oil wrap. I got a cotton pad and wiped off the excess oil from around my nail, carefully avoiding the nail itself. A moment later, dry! 

I was so surprised at this product, that it actually worked. This was my first test and I am in love, however I don’t want to just resort to this when I don’t have to. If I am in a rush or desperately need a wee which often happens when I sit and do my nails for a long time… Anyway, I will continue to test this and update you all very soon.  



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