Essence Lipsticks

When I picked up two lip pencils for just a pound each from Wilkinsons, I also had a rummage through the lipsticks by Essence. The packaging is simple and has the Essence emblem on with a band of the chosen colour of lipstick which is a great idea. 

These lipsticks were £2.30 each which is an incredible price, I picked up two nude/pink colours to go with the lip pencils. I chose ’06 Barely There’ which goes with the lip pencil 06 Satin Mauve and ’16 I am Yours!’ which goes well with 12 Wish Me a Rose pencil.

Barely There is slightly darker than the natural lip colour and has a hint of purple in, but not too much. It is gorgeous on the lips and would suit most skin types.

I am Yours is a brighter pink shade enhancing the natural pink tones on the lips.

These, like the lip pencils, are not amazing quality but for the price and variety of nude colours available they do just fine for a few hours with food and drink, but may need topping up frequently.



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