If you saw one of my recent posts about adventuring out into the brighter eyeshadow world rather than sticking to my comfort zone of neutrals and lighter eye shadow colours, for those of you that don’t know I invested in a new palette called ‘Poptastic’ by MUA and it is gorgeous, there are some amazing colours and such a lovely variety to choose from. In this post I will be showing you some of the blue shades. 

I tried blending with brushes which works well but it isn’t as pigmented as when I used my finger to dab and blend lightly. Personally I prefer using my fingers with these specific eyeshadows, but its personal preference. 


I used the three shades on the left side, 1. the top left 2. bottom left 3. the second from the left (bottom row)

As you can see they are very pigmented, soft and smooth of the skin and they are super affordable too! Just £4 for this palette from Superdrug. and you can make a variety of looks and experiment with different colours together. They blend so effortlessly and really make your eyes pop! 

So, here is my look;

  1. I used the lightest shade of blue on the whole eye-lid 


2. I then used another blue which is slightly darker around the bottom half of the lid and the outer corner


3. Then on the lash line I added another shade of blue with a slight flick


Overall, I love this palette and I am so excited to experiment more with brighter colours for a great look for my eyes rather than sticking with my classic bold red lip. If there is anything you want me to try on this palette, then feel free to comment. 

I would rate this palette a 10/10! and I definitely recommend it to you all to take a risk on this palette, its so affordable and soft and super pigmented too. Amazing buy, I am so happy with this palette and there are colours for all skin tones and a great range available in this palette. 


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