Konad Stamping Set

Hello everyone! I am sure you have seen tonnes of nail art with the use of stamping set. I invested in some cheap ones but they weren’t doing anything for me, I practised so much but I just wasn’t getting better, even with tips from other bloggers. 

So I went online and the brand ‘Konad’ kept coming up in videos and guides, so I took a look and invested in another stamping set for £8, which was over double than I paid for previous ones. 


When it came to testing it out, I did the same process as I usually would and painted my base coat and then a colour on top then seal it in with a top coat. I then find a stamping plate with the design I want to use and then apply nail polish and scrape it off at an angle and use the rolling motion with the stamper onto the design, then rolling onto the nail.. I was so pleased to finally have a stamper that worked! It picks up the majority of the polish unlike others I had tried. 

Being a nail fanatic I love doing nail art and the idea of the stamping process to create a unique look. I am so please I paid more for a decent product that does what it says, because lets face it there are tonnes of cheaper ‘fake’ ones that you can be drawn into, like I was. So if you are thinking of doing nail art and using stamping sets and plates, then visit Konad’s website where they offer tonnes of nail products, nail polish and stamping plates too. I also purchased the Konad nail polish in Black for stamping plates and I will put a post up for that soon. 

Overall, I am so happy with this product and definitely recommend their products, they are such great quality. 




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