Lush- Green Bubbleroon

While looking like an attractive burger or some smooth butter cream between two cookies, for only £3.75 I was bound to pick this bubbleroon up. 

This gorgeous citrus aroma reminds me of summer and flowers, with bergamot, avocado and shea butter. This makes my skin feel so silky smooth and velvety. With other oils such as coconut oil and lime oil this is slightly less bubbly than other bubble bars or bubbleroons I have tried but makes my skin feel super hydrated and the aroma is quite subtle. 

While crumbling in my hand into a running bath I could see the pieces dissolving into the water turning it a bright pick-me-up neon green. 

Colour: 7/10 beautiful and bright, but a little too much glitter

Fragrance: 5/10 very subtle, citrus and summery

Feel on Skin: 10!!! amazing, super moisturised and hydrated


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