Yarmouth Adventures

You probably noticed around this time last year I posted about a lovely holiday I had away with my boyfriend and his family to Lowestoft. Well this year we stayed in Longbeach, near Hemsby a lovely resort just off of Great Yarmouth. I have stayed here many times before and I love it, it brought back so many memories and we had gorgeous weather for the week too.

The first night;

We arrived on the saturday morning and we didn’t break down this time…We set the caravan and awning up and had a bit of a rest. We headed into Hemsby’s main street for the afternoon, on some arcades and for some fresh hot doughnuts! We went to the pub/bar that evening and had a good sleep! We had one lot of heavy rain in the night so Jack and I woke up with water dripping on us.


We fixed the awning so the rain wouldn’t sit on the annex and come through on us. It was Jack’s mum’s birthday, so we had a lovely cooked breakfast and she opened her birthday cards. We headed into Great Yarmouth and the weather was just gorgeous, we walked around for over 4 hours and bought Jack’s mum a lovely pair of earrings she said she liked. That evening we went back to the bar and we all played pool and had some fun.



We all had a lovely rest from the eventful day before and realised I had caught the sun a bit!


Off to the beach! Some of Jack’s family friends’ came up for the day and we spent the day out enjoying the sun, on the beach playing volleyball. I admit I was pretty useless, I can’t jump as I have a dodgy knee which has a tendency to dislocate, my aim was also awful so overall, not so good aha. Jack’s older brother came up to join us after he had finished work.


We headed back into yarmouth, as some people wanted to go to pleasure beach, I didn’t as I had been on most of the rides last year and Jack isn’t a fan of rides. So instead, me and him headed off to do some rollerskating! This definitely went worse than the volleyball, but I tried and I had fun. The only difference between this and volleyball, I was better than Jack!



This was a lazy day after the aching from walking so much the day before. We did have a walk on the big pier in yarmouth and I had some icecream- honeycomb, and cookie dough.



We left Jack and the rest of us went on a boat trip off yarmouth’s beach to see some seals! It was so good and I loved it, I would have loved to get off of the boat and go onto the sand to get a bit closer but I guess that is risky with such large animals and some excited/scared children. We headed back to longbeach and had another game of volleyball-this time I watched, I was good at that. That evening me and Jack went into Hemsby for another milkshake and arcade fun, we went Pokehunting and sat at the pub for a while having a good chat and drink of course.



We woke up had breakfast, cleaned and packed up, I fell asleep the whole journey home and my rabbits were not pleased to see me one bit.

Overall, it was a great holiday, we had plenty to do and keep busy, and the weather was so nice all week, with just one night of rain. 



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