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I recently came across the self storage company MakeSpace as they were talking about storage options for beauty products!  Now, for me I pull out all of my products once a month or so and throw any out of date items, gift unused ones or put some in my ‘need to use/try’ section.

As I move house twice a year due to being a uni student I have different arrangements and some more practical/easy options to move and store my things. I will show you how I store some of my items that I use regularly, (daily/weekly)…

I have some square floating shelves in my room and they are three different sizes, for me these look good as well as having a practical use for storing products or candles!

My smaller box holds a decorative candle in the shape of an owl, I also have my tweezers and some hair pins down the side as this one is nearest my mirror so this is super handy and tidy too. On top my hairbrush has found a home, again very useful to have nearby.

My medium size box usually has my candle burner inside but is currently holding some face creams in easy reach and if I see it I will use it and not forget to moisturise or cleanse everyday.

I have a super large storage box which slides under the bed for extra storage, it has literally everything I need to try but haven’t gotten around to it yet. In the bathroom I have a little stand with all of my bath products on- bath bombs, razors, shampoos, face scrubs, body exfoliators, everything bath/shower related stays in the bathroom.

I recently invested in what was supposed to be a storage unit for a bathroom, as it was thin enough to go beside my bed it was perfect for me. This often holds things I use of an evening, moisturiser, foot cream etc.

I also bought a small storage unit with four large drawers to go in my built in cupboard,my top drawer is loaded with items I use or should use on a daily basis, such as spot cream, cleanser/toner, deodorant.

My second drawer holds things I use less often, hairspray, dry shampoo.. The third draw has my pjs in, and forth just has random things which don’t really belong anywhere else.

Uni home:

I still have my large under-bed storage tray but it has just random items that are not being used. It now staying in my fitted wardrobe with my suitcase and shoes.14459840_10205454204513282_821940378_n

But I have a large storage tower in my room, with 6 drawers, 3 small trays. The first one holds nail polish, there is literally no more room in there and is filled with the majority of my most used nail polishes.


My second tray has my go-to items, make-up wipes, tea tree oil pads and pore strips, deodorant, cleanser, cotton pads, cotton buds, hair bands, bobby pins and more!


The third tray holds immediate items which are all make-up related that I use frequently, a make-up revolution contouring kit, clinique blush, technic mascara, technic brow powder and benefit fibre gel, and my tea tree oil daily moisturiser with some other bits and pieces.


Then the three main drawers are split into hair, body, misc. The first one is hair, and has all hair related items, shampoos, conditioners, brushes, pins, etc. The ‘body’ drawer contains a lot of different items, moisturisers, sun creams,

The miscellaneous drawer has a mix of everything that isn’t body or hair, mostly make up I am not currently using, or need to use, and other random beauty items!


All of my bath items are in the bathroom in a drawer, I have a box in there filled with a selection of bath bombs, some razors, and creams, shower gel/cream, and shampoo and conditioner.

On top of my storage tower which is next to my bed and mirror on the other side there is my make up brushes in my pot and my small selection of perfumes.


So, storage isn’t always fun to fit drawers or cupboards in awkward gaps and have an un-cohesive room. I try to stick to simple yet decorative, my floating shelves are pretty and practical, my under bed storage unit is hidden yet hold tonnes of stuff! my make-do bed side cabinet with the bathroom storage unit is pretty and goes well with my decor back home with a red and white themed room. My storage tower at home is also hidden in my cupboard so it isn’t an eye sore, however my larger black one holds a lot more and is the only darker item in my uni room so isn’t too bold and is very handy next to the mirror and as a bed side unit. 

I am a very tidy person and dislike clutter, even organised chaos frustrates me. Everything I own has its own place and it bothers me when it has been moved or left out. I like knowing where everything is and where to go for something specific or less used rather than rummaging through drawers and units to find it. In the long run it is so much cleaner and easier to clean as well as being able to get into bed and not clamber over mess or piled up things. My beauty items are stored in a specific way too, my most used, and lesser used/need to use or try. 

Having everything ordered or in its place is just so much easier, why does mess bother me so much? haha, but these storage items that I use could be completely different to you, there are so many easy or creative ways of organising things nowadays so share your ideas with us! 

If you are moving or need some ways to store your items, no matter what size definitely check out MakeSpace’s self storage options. It is only available in the US at the moment though. 


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