Lush- Sky Dancer

I really like the idea of this bath bomb, giving some of the money to a centre for birds is amazing, it will raise funds to support, aid and fund equipment to satellite tag endangered hen harrier chicks born in the next few years. This one in particular is limited edition and is no longer available but I am sure it will make a reappearance again soon, so look out for it..

It’s a very different bath bomb that I would usually go for as it is bright yellow! But its a great size for a bath bomb especially for £3.95 and is so beautiful when in the bath, the aroma is gorgeous too, with bergamot, lemon and cinnamon. It is nothing like I have ever tried from Lush and the different oils work so well together, reminding me of aniseed/liquorice which I am not usually a fan of. It also has an earthy element to it, grassy and floral, and the mixture of aromas linger both throughout the whole bath experience and on your skin. 

It adds so much moisture and feels so silky on the skin in the bath, not oily but so nourishing. It is so pretty in the bath and leaves a lovely foamy layer on the water. 

Feel on skin: 9/10 surprisingly nourishing and silky

Colour: 7/10 not a fan of the yellow but with the bird being blue it creates a lovely blend of colours for your bath

Fragrance: 8/10 as stated im not usually a fan of aniseed but this unique mixture of cinnamon and lemon is so relaxing




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