My Holidays

I know you probably have read a lot of these so far but I had a lovely range of gifts from my loved ones this Christmas and I thought I would share some of these with you. 

First of all my partner bought me some amazing gifts, some wii games, nail polish, a jumper, mittens, a very cute jewellery box, and more. His mum bought me a Sleek make up gift set, his brother bought me a gorgeous No7 eye palette. My family also bought me some lovely gifts, some Mo You London stamping plates, Barry M Gelly polishes, canvases, and a beautiful large canvas with my two bunnies on, which I absolutely loved and more. 

Christmas was lovely, spent with both mine and my partners families. New Years started off well with board games with friends and plenty of fun until I realised I had food poisoning and was quite ill. But I have now recovered and I am getting back to my day to day routine. 

I hope you all got some lovely gifts and stuffed your faces with lots of pigs in blankets, I know I did! 

Much Love x


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