The Big 21!

So I guess now I am a big girl right? well you’d be wrong in so many ways.. but I am now technically an adult so here is my post about turning 21

I had some lovely messages and cards from back home, I am having a belated party with all of my friends and family in Feb when I am home from uni. I also was treated to some lovely cake by my partner who also bought me some amazing gifts too.

I have been going on about collecting Disney tsum tsum’s for a while now, I was hoping to collect the mini teddies but he bought me the stackable figures which I didn’t know existed, he bought me two packs of 8 and I got just one double, Jasmine… but I am okay with that! They are also super hard to stack…

I also received another gift via the post and I saw the Disney store logo and instantly squealed, Jack opened it in front of me and it was a large Minnie Mouse tsum tsum which was personalised and had my nickname on the side in the Disney amazing and super cute, the perfect size to cuddle up to!

I bought myself some new boots, a Benefit make up set and a couple of books as well as some well needed Lush items; Celestial a facial moisturiser, Intergalactic bath bomb, Grease Lightening, 93000 miles shower jelly and Rosejam bubbleroon which you can never have enough of!

I am so happy with everything I received and treated myself to, we went for a lovely meal and had I have well and truly been spoilt! 

Much Love 

Becca x


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