Moving the bunnies in 

We had someone from the rabbit residence come to deliver the bunnies and we put them outside into their pen to get used to mine and Jacks voices and gaining trust with being on their level and letting them sniff us and have treats.  We then put them in their new home in my room and they settled in really well. 

I spent a lot of time with them initially and they would soon let me know when they were hungry.  I fed them at the same times as what they were used to, to give them as much routine as they had before. 

I had to keep an eye on behaviour as bunnies can become stressed just like we can. This could lead to them not eating and going into what is called G I stasis. Their  internal organs such as the intestines need to be working all of the time; therefore lack of eating could be fatal. But they were flopping out and running around, eating well and what is called binkying which is a jump and hop. All of these especially binkies and flopping are signs of happiness and trust. 

After a couple of weeks they were super calm and I could really see how happy they became and I had revealed two trouble makers and funny personalities. They continue to grow and make me laugh!


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