Lush-Unicorn Horn

Lush released this creative, funky unicorn horn last year for valentines. Mine had three colours, pink, yellow and blue. I think they are a great size.

It has lots of glitter in, and because of the colour combination and no darker dominant colour, it didn’t really change the colour of my bath, it just made it pretty and sparkly, and of course adding lots of bubbles. However, I was a little disappointed as I have used other bubble bars and they have produced a lot more bubbles and colour to the bath. But this was a nice little treat and had a subtle fragrance of lavender, which I am not keen on at all but it wasn’t overwhelmingly strong. 


I don’t think I will repurchase this again but it was nice to try, I would recommend this if you don’t mind little colour in the bath with a subtle relaxing smell which doesn’t do too much for the skin. I would rate this a 4/10 unfortunately, this is the first Lush product I really haven’t enjoyed. 


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