Owning Bunnies

This post is going to share some things that I didn’t expect about bunnies and how they have surprised me in the past 8 months.

So first of all I expected them to be a lot messier and dirtier than they actually are, and it was surprisingly easy to litter train both of my rabbits, I just put some of their poop in the tray on top of litter and some hay and they instantly started to go in the tray. Sydney was so much easier to train she took to it straight away but Sullivan was a little more difficult this may be due to his age, younger rabbits are harder to train, or even his size, the trays are the largest I could get my hands on but its a little snug for him. I very occasionally clean up any wee which isn’t a hassle at all. Their poo is also so easy to clean as they are little dry drops that are not smelly or anything I can pick them up and put them in the bin. They tend to wee and poo in the corners and in piles not distributed everywhere. It may sound gross but its the wee that can smell bad especially if left for a while and on hay which is why my trays are lined with a cm or so of litter then hay on top as they eat while they poop. This keeps it tidy and easy for me.

Gaining their trust, now it may sound simple but its a lot more complex than you think. I got to their level and bribed them with treats and slowly they realised I wasn’t as scary as I looked. But Sydney is a very adamant stubborn young..ish lady. When she has food or is doing her thing I cannot go near her she will grunt and growl and throw her front paws around, luckily she doesn’t bite or nip if she has food in her mouth. Sullivan is so dopey and couldn’t care less what you are doing. They really don’t mind where I am or what I am doing as long as I don’t bring out the hair dryer or hoover! 

The amount of veg they eat and love. Now Sydney loves kale and parsley and Sullivan loves broccoli and green beans. They get a bowl of veg each in the morning and one handful of pellets between them for dinner. And treats occasionally with plenty of fresh foraging food and lots of hay all day. They love herbs too and I have actually started growing my own which is going so well and has given me a new hobby too! I have become so much more green fingered, and my nails are constantly becoming broken and ruined because of ‘poo picking’ as I call it, as well as replacing hay and litter and growing herbs. I mix their food up every now and again with kale, spinach, parsley, basil, coriander, carrot (only up to twice a week and small pieces) baby corn and fine beans. 

I researched having house bunnies for a good few months or so before I made the decision. I read articles, blogs, watched videos and got so much advice and information which was great so I knew what I was getting myself into. 

Bunnies are not like cats and like cuddles and being handled, they will follow you around and play with you and do their own thing. We clip their nails and groom them regularly which they don’t like but it needs to be done. Some rabbits don’t like to be touched at all let alone be picked up and cuddled. You have to remember they are prey animals and have strong instincts so they like to be on the floor as they feel safer and feel like they wont fall or be dropped. And you cannot hold rabbits upside down like baby’s, it sends them into immobilisation and temporary paralysis as its completely unnatural and scary for them and they go into panic mode and go dead still. Some people think they go still because they are calm, they are not. And this should not be done at all if you must to cut nails or groom then do it as quick as possible and not too often. 

I also learnt that each rabbit is incredibly individual just like us. And I am amazed at being able to see their little personalities and differences. They should be kept in pairs or more as they’re social animals, best kept in pairs of male and female who have been spayed and neutered. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and learnt something new about owning rabbits!


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