Lover Lamp

This is one of Lush’s new launches for the Valentines Day collection. It looks simple yet with those cocoa butter red hearts it gives it a nice feminine touch. 


I initially thought there wouldn’t be enough of these hearts but they were larger than expected when they separated from the bath bomb and were so nice to add to the white colouring of the water.


The cocoa butter is gorgeous and makes the skin super soft and last several days. 

It has vanilla absolute, brazillian orange oil and the nourishing and softening cocoa butter. 

I rate this 4/10. Here’s why…

The feel on the skin is amazing and easily a 10/10

The aesthetics of this bath bomb would be fairly low if it wasn’t for the addition of the melting red hearts. 6/10

The scent is waaay to strong for me and my sense of smell isn’t great so I wonder how strong it would be if I had normal senses. Very very sweet citrusy and orangey and this I rate it. 2/10

This is just my thoughts on Lover Lamp. And you may find the scent just fine or the cocoa butter too much. It depends on what you like or what you are looking for in a bath bomb. If I have put you off give it a good sniff in store or ask for a demo I am sure the lovely staff would be happy to help! 



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