Anti-Helix Piercing

I have always had a fascination with piercings, and I really liked the look of my helix so I decided to get another ear piercing, I looked at the different types you could get and I settled on getting an anti-helix also known as a forward helix. I sort of decided there and then that is what I wanted along with a nose piercing done in the same sitting, due to an offer being on and I went for it. I usually do this with piercings, I cannot book them as I then think about it and over think then back out of it, So I find it is better for me to go on a whim and make sure I have chocolate with me. 


I knew roughly what to expect in terms of pain as it is also through cartilage like the helix. Due to having very small ears I had to get him to check if it was possible to pierce this area as it is quite small and fiddly. He was hesitant but it was fine.

I had it clamped to decide the positioning and the pain was sharp yet I couldn’t move because of the placement. It was obviously uncomfortable and he had trouble getting the needle through which makes the process elongated but it eventually went through. I then had to have the jewellery put in which is a fairly long curved bar, to allow for swelling. I still have the original bar in, and have never changed it. I have attempted once but it was very fiddly and because I couldn’t see I just had to put the other bar back in. I will have to go to the shop to see if they can change it for me!

The cleaning process was fairly simple and easy to do, just like any other ear piercing. Cleaning it regularly was an issue, I would often forget but it healed well and I have never had any issues, no bleeding, lumps or anything! I also really like the placement, its similar to the tragus, but that is very popular and I wanted something different.


The picture is of me, and the diagram is from Google Images.

 Have you got any good piercing experiences?


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