Rose Bombshell

This is the first time I have tried Rose Bombshell and I am so impressed with the results, the smell, colour and all! 

First off at £4.25 I used this in one bath rather than two. Yellow rose petals, rose oil and rose absolute! Also with Sicilian lemon the scent is just perfect. The rose petals were a nice surprise too.  

I love the aesthetic of this bath bomb, with little roses and hints of blue. And once in the bath it is super pretty releasing some petals to add to the relaxing feeling of a nice bubbly bath. However I do with there was more blue incorporated into the look. 

Scent; 10/10 I love the aroma it released and fills the bathroom, it is just a perfect mix 

Aesthetics; 8/10 As stated I love how pretty this is and looks amazing in the bath too

Feel on the skin; 3/10 Not created for this specific need, but feels soft and smooth


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