I love valentines and not for the celebration of love or the materialism attached to the day. My partner and I don’t really celebrate the occasion because he doesn’t feel the need to use the day as an excuse to say or show that we love each other. He tells me everyday and I do not need a specific day to tell him!

Anyway… I love valentines because of Lush’s collection for the occasion. I love this Ladybird bubble bar, it creates such a pretty bath and can even be split into two. I love the mixture of purple and red, its also super cute.  


At £3.95 this is a great buy, and with sweet geranium oil for relaxation with peppermint oil adding to the floral scent. The menthol helps to uplift the mind and body while you have  a soak in the bath. 

Scent; 9/10 I love the mix of flowers and peppermint. It’s not too strong either so it doesn’t overwhelm you

Feel on the skin; 4/10 It’s not really aimed to make the skin feel good but it feels nice but not nourishing like cocoa butter. 

Aesthetics; 9/10 I love the colours created and if you mix both the purple and red its a lovely result as well as using them separately. 

I totally recommend this to anyone, it is great quality and value for money!


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