Lush-Cosmetic Warrior

I recently found my five full size pots to return to Lush for a free fresh face mask. I spoke to a lovely guy who asked about my skin and recommended what to avoid and what could be an option for me. I am allergic to Lavender so I had to steer clear away from Love Lettuce. And to work on my breakouts and redness; Cosmetic Warrior and Rosy Cheeks. I tried them both on my hands and although I loved the scent of Rosy Cheeks, I thought my spots were more important to deal with than my redness so I chose Cosmetic Warrior.

It contains; antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic to help cleanse the skin. There is fresh green grapes which cool the skin down and free range eggs help tighten the skins texture and leaves it soft and moisturised.

It has worked so well on my skin and I will definitely be repurchasing this.

This is one you have to leave in the fridge and doesn’t have an overly garlic scent, it is quite subtle. I am not a huge fan of the fragrance so I rate it 6/10

The feel on the skin after its washed off is amazing, so soft and really balances out my dry/oily skin. 9/10

The colour I am not too worried about as it is only going on my face for up to 15 minutes. It isn’t supposed to be an attractive product to use but the ingredients certainly do a great job. 


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