Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

I have loved some of the other bath oils that Lush offer such as Razzle Dazzle and Oil on Troubled Waters. They make the bath pretty as well as offering nourishment and softens the skin. So I thought I would give this one a go. 

Made up of half yellow and half pink this is nice but once in the bath it doesn’t really create a wild bath colour, its very subtle and calm. 

With marshmallow powder, coconut oil and almond oil. It is a very sweet scent of candy floss. 

I love the scent of this bath oil but I dislike the subtle colour it offers. 

Aesthetics; 5/10 It is perfect if you want something subtle and light but I prefer bold colours

Scent; 9/10 super sweet and I love it 

Feel on the Skin; 8/10 I love the oils on my skin making the smooth and nourished 



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