Shoot for the Stars

Hello everyone,

I absolutely love this product and I can’t believe I have never tried this before. For some reason I love blue baths, they are very serene and calming for me, for example using blue skies and white fluffy clouds, big blue or frozen! 

Shoot for the stars is lovely reminding everyone of the night sky and stars that are fizzing around in the bath. With orange oil and bergamot oil creates a sweet aroma. The cocoa butter stars are amazing and makes the skin feel so nourished and soft, as they melt they create lovely gold streaks through the water. 

Some may find the amount of silky cocoa butter stars too much and may find it quite greasy, you may want to take the stars out as they separate from the bath bomb. It doesn’t affect me as I have quite dry skin and hair but some of you may find it too much. 

Aesthetics; 10/10 I love this, it is mesmerising to watch and is so pretty

Feel on Skin; 10/10 I also love the cocoa butter element to this bath bomb, amazing for colder months

Scent; 7/10 Lacking a bit of oomph for me, its nice and sweet but could be a bit stronger for me personally 




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