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Things ive been loving recently

Here are a few things that i have been loving recently, not all beauty related products!

Beauty and skincare

Grease lightning-from lush at £6.50 Its a spot treatment and works better as soon as you feel the spot coming up and it will work quicker

Celestial-from lush at £14.95 i know this sounds super expensive for a small pot of moisturiser. This is amazing for dry skin locking in the moisture while calming and soothing the skin.

Mud masks- my local super market/superdrug £1.49 (ish). They are so soothing and relaxing when they are on and make my skin feel clean and moisturised.

Biore- the poor penetrating charcoal bar..for just £4.99 it lasts ages I use it about three times a week, and you can feel it digging the dirt out of the pores and tingling the skin. It smells like peppermint and feels good while you leave it on for a couple of minutes, leaving your skin super soft, clean and fresh!

TV and Netflix

Me and my partner have been in love with Riverdale on Netflix, it kind of reminds me of their other Netflix Original ‘Scream’ because they are both teen drama’s with a murder mystery and has current pop culture references. It is also relate-able, even though I am in my 20’s I can look back in my school years and point out who would be the jock, popular girl, nerdy ones etc. and it’s fun to reflect on my teenage years too.

River, also on Netflix, I watched all of it in one day, its one season long with just 6 episodes. Another drama and murder themes, with Nicola Walker who is in ‘Unforgotten’ and ‘Scott and Bailey’ who I love, she is a great actress and honestly is the only reason I started to watch this show.

13 Reasons why.. Weirdly, another teen drama and suicide mystery. A 17 year old, Hannah Baker commits suicide and her parents are searching why. Some tapes appear on Clay’s (a friend and colleague of Hannah) doorstep. He listens, and starts to understand the reasons why she decided to make the tragic choice to end her life. This 13 episodes series is seriously eye opening, and makes you realise that words and actions really do impact another persons or group of people lives. and noticing the signs when someone is in need of help. I definitely recommend this. 


Green Tea- i love green tea and its healthy too as long as you don’t drink too much of it. Coming in a variety of flavours, jasmine, mint, gingerbread, cherry bakewell and more! You will find one you like, and I have the honey and lemon one when I am feeling a little under the weather. 


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