Warby Parker

Hello everyone,

Now spring is upon us with brighter colours and better weather-hopefully! 

Every person has their favourite accessory for different seasons and with spring and summer sunglasses are a staple to any outfit and can look amazing as well as protect your eyes. 

So many new styles come out each year, the classics and the big shiny ones, the mysterious and the flattering ones. 

I love sunglasses they are definitely an essential for me and it also means I don’t have to wear eye make up or if I am suffering with hay-fever I can cover up my red puffy eyes and still look good!
There’s so much to look forward to with this upcoming season, with tinted lenses including violet and tortoise shades. While other styles go back to the 1970’s and look super stylish. 

I am so in love with the last two here, a nice bold blue hue with some lighter shades to make them pop, and a super cool nude/silvery shine that would go with any outfit! 

Look at how great some of these designs look on models, they definitely look confident and cool, and that is a great combination for a spring/summer day. 

These super sleek straight top and round frames really draw the attention to the face, the tinted lenses are also a great way to add colour. 

They have a variety of new frames for you that will make anyone feel fresh and revived, and ready to take on the day. Here is the website to look at other designs and more information on their staple sunglasses. The website allows you to search fit, colour, material and shape which is very handy. Or you can look through the whole collection and select colours and view staff picks!I hope you enjoyed this post on sunglasses, let me know what your favourite style is!

Disclaimer; I have not been paid to make this post..


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