My Weight Loss

Recently after having many falls and dislocations it becomes painful to move and exercise. So I have put on a bit of weight, slowly but surely it has gotten worse so I have made the decision to start making some changes…

I have swapped all of my sweet things; biscuits, chocolate etc for savoury healthy snacks such as; Dr Karg’s Spelt and Quinoa, Tomato and Mozzarella snacks, Seaweed crisps- each pack is just 22 calories and I love seaweed.. Instead of chocolate I have had mini packs of Animals (the chocolate covered biscuits) or party rings, these lunchbox size packs are great for that little fix and better than my original alternative.

I have also been drinking so much more water, I drink a lot anyway as it is the only thing I drink, other than tea- I cut out normal tea and milk and have Green Tea instead which helps detox your body too. 

When I already struggle getting out of bed some days and can’t manage the stairs it makes the idea of exercise seem impossible. I can’t run at all, or even jog, it puts too much strain on my unstable joints and pulls them out of place. 

I also had blood tests done which revealed I had hypothyroidism, an under-active thyroid. The gland doesn’t produce enough hormones which regulates metabolism. I am on medication daily to help with this, so I am hoping this improves. More blood tests, which I hate, have to be done regularly to keep an eye on how my thyroid is working. 

I know I have a long road ahead of me, and after months of ‘I’ll start tomorrow’s’ , it’s finally hit me that I need to change now. And I can do it, I have great support around me and I am hoping these small changes will start improving my health and slowly lose weight. 

Do you have any advice, or recommendations to try?



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